Thursday, December 11, 2008

La Nina is coming to visit again!

Aha! Rain is on its way! Good news! Another piece of good news is that when I read yesterday's Channel Nine News website item from which this extract was taken, they didn't mention Global Warming or Climate Change once!

The Bureau of Meteorology said most experts were tipping neutral summer
conditions but some thought La Nina could be on the way.
"The development of a La Nina during the southern summer cannot be ruled out," the Bureau said in a statement.
"Some La Nina characteristics (are) developing across the Pacific."
This last happened in an Australian summer in 1999.
I doubt this will last though, at the first flood or cyclone, I bet those terms come out in headlines. Where did the reporter get this quote from though? The Aussie Bureau of Meteorology News pages don't have this posted yet.

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