Friday, January 2, 2009

Global Warming Not Measured Since 1995

The Facts and Arts website has posted No significant Global Warming since 1995 by Jahl R. Ahlbeck, an academic in Finland.

This article includes graphs of two different methods for measuring the Earth's temperature - one in the lower atmosphere and the other at ground level. Although these show different absolute temperatures and different trends over time, since 1995 they both show a similar trend - little or no temperature increase. The author states he selected 1995 as there have been no major volcanic eruptions since then which would skew the temperature with a cooling effect.

So why, if CO2 increases cause temperature increases, and atmospheric CO2 has continued to increase over this time, haven't temperatures continued to noticeably increase?

The answer - man made CO2 is NOT influencing the Earth's temperature!

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